Rants (Speeches)

Please note: these speeches may not be reproduced without my express permission, although sections may be quoted for review purposes.

  • American Idle; How Infotainment, Popularity Contests and TMI Make Us Stupid or TL;DNR
    International Ms Leather Contest, May 4, 2008
    San Francisco, California
    Just because I’m queer and non-breeding by choice doesn’t mean I am unconcerned with matters relating to choice, the education of children, and the mostly het world of sex for pay. Why? Because the forces who want children to be ignorant, women to be pregnant and disenfranchised and hookers punished are the same ones who want me closeted and silent, if not worse. I am by the simple reality of my life, my identity and choices, an ally of people I might have nothing in common with other than a narrow array of personal interest more

    • Here’s a Dollar: Buy a Culture!
      Southwest Leather Conference, January 23, 2011
      Phoenix, Arizona
      It’s not the drumming circle the more secular SMers object to when they roll their eyes and call you woo-woo in less than beloved tones. It’s the smug superiority radiated by those who just know that if everyone believed as they did, danced with them, waved the sage, ate the matzoh, killed the chicken, reenacted psychodramas of cannibalism with a man in a dress – if they only joined the ancient ritual we made up in coven last Thursday – why, they, too, would know the secrets of the universe. more

    • Leave the Myth. Take the Cannolli.
      GWNN 19th Anniversary, July 20, 2012
      Austin, TX
      When you eavesdrop on our world, trying to find out what people value, what they’re curious about, what they want, they tend to fall neatly into two parts. There’s that group of us who always want the new shiny – whether it’s the latest electrical toy, fanciest kilt or the most popular of new play techniques. What’s hot now, or even better, what will everyone else want, tomorrow?And then there are the Back in the Olden Days folks, those who romanticize a past they have not experienced. Or, sadder, those who were around, but not only embellish their tales of decadence and derring-do, but begin, seemingly, to believe their own hype. more

    • Pros, Ho’s, and Schmos
      Leather Leadership Conference, April 21, 2007
      Minneapolis, Minnesota
      From a small core of professionals such as club and bar owners, toy and clothing makers and of course, pornographers, we are approaching the need for more full time, paid professionals to manage our foundations, or community groups, our meeting spaces. We need, honestly, more lawyers who know who we are and what we do and what we need. We need media professionals to promote and to respond, to plan and to lobby for aid and understanding. We need speakers outside of the community who do more than visit human sexuality classes. We could use more publishers, more filmmakers, more writers and editorialists. And although many of these positions have been and will continue to be staffed by volunteer and underpaid Schmo’s and Ho’s, eventually we will get tired the continual drama, burnout and other challenges which make people quit and walk away and want someone who will just show up every day and do nothing but this work, all day. For this, they’ll want to get paid, and they deserve to get paid. more

    • Still Unsafe, But Making Good Time
      South Plains Leatherfest, February 27, 2005
      Dallas, Texas
      Fiction is often mistaken for history, and I use the word mistaken deliberately here. Fiction is generally more accessible to someone than hard history, and friendlier to engage with. . . . The trouble comes in when people rely on fiction to tell them the truth – and fiction is the diametric opposite of truth. Fiction writers use truth as a tool, the same way we use metaphors and archetypes. When it suits us, and the story, we add truth. When the truth is inconvenient, or ill suited to drama, we make up our own version of the truth. more

    • Unsafe At Any Speed; or Safe, Sane and Consensual My Fanny!
      University of Washington’s Society for Human Sexuality, November 1995
      Seattle, Washington
      My fantasies have never been safe ones. Even back when I was a child, I remember coaching a playmate into behaving the way I imagined was proper for this little psychodrama we were about to enact. “You will be the one in charge,” I said, pushing from the bottom as only a six-year old novice can, “and you’re really mean. You tell me to do things that are impossible, and when I can’t, you punish me and laugh.” more

    • Warnings and Consequences
      Great Lakes Leather Alliance, August 27, 2006
      Indianapolis, Indiana
      Just because you sucked the cock of a man who sucked the cock of a man who was the lover of a man who some say was old guard does not make you a member of the Perverotti. You might have been a member of the Gay people’s Alliance and the Alliance of Gay people and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning and anything we forgot group for social, economic and spiritual growth and justice, but that doesn’t mean you are better at meetings and organizing than someone who ran the local Future Farmers of America, the Junior League and the annual Marathon and Bake sale to Benefit Parents of Children with Unpopular Diseases. more

  • You Must Be This Tall To Ride This Ride
    Master/slave Conference, September 4th, 2009
    Washington D.C.
    When we, as adults, make a conscious decision to engage in SM relationships and tell other people about it, we have passed the kiddie corner of the scene – otherwise known as the anonymous online community – and are stepping up to something that has the potential to shoot you out of a tunnel at 60 miles an hour and turn you upside down six times – and then do it backwards. more
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  • Reminder: these speeches may not be reproduced without my express permission, although sections may be quoted for review purposes.

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  1. Jean Roberta says:

    I was very glad to see that the Circlet Press (Luster imprint) version of The Marketplace has been carefully proofread & edited. Now the style comes closer to the content. :)

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    Today I was browsing to see if there were any new books by Laura to buy. (Alas I do not own a Kindle.) In so doing, I stumbled upon this web page, to my great delight. How wonderful to enjoy the content of Laura’s speeches without having to suffer through a hotel dinner of mediocre food, pompous ceremony and a parade of maudlin speakers sobbing into a microphone. I feel blessed.

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    A bit of clarification: My last comment was not intended to rain on the idea of this author speaking on tours. To the contrary, seeing Laura listed in the program is the one thing that motivates me to buy tickets to leather dinners.

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    “I was very glad to see that the Circlet Press (Luster imprint) version of The Marketplace has been carefully proofread & edited. Now the style comes closer to the content. :)” – It’s a kind of once-in-life!

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