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  • Winner: 2013 Rainbow Book Award for Best B/T & LGBT Contemporary & Historical Fiction.
  • Finalist: 2014 Lambda Literary Award, Best Lesbian Mystery
  • Finalist: 2014 ForeWord Book of the Year, Best Mystery

Read Chapter One of The Killer Wore Leather here.
Listen to a sample from the audio version here.
Visit the Mr. and Ms. Global Leather (and bootblack) contest website here.

Publisher’s Weekly: “Erotica fans will best appreciate Antoniou’s mystery set at a Manhattan convention devoted to BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism). When Cormac “Mack” Steel, the previous year’s winner of the title of Mr. Global Leather, is found in his hotel room stabbed to death with an unusual three-bladed weapon, NYPD Det. Rebecca Feldblum takes on the high-profile case. Personal complications arise after the investigation brings the detective back in touch with a former lover, Trudy, who ended the relationship because Feldblum chose to join “a fascist, patriarchal system of oppression,” i.e., the police. Tongue-in-cheek humor—two organizations have the acronyms PISS and ASS (the Pansexual Institute for Sexual Studies and the American Sexuality Society)—compensates only in part for routine police work.”

The Gay and Lesbian Review: A good-humored farce, combined with a whodunit . . . .At over four hundred pages, this novel does not include a single wasted word. As a good-humored farce combined with a whodunit, it can only be compared to the raunchy mysteries of James Lear, who praises the book in a cover blurb. It seems likely to be popular for years to come.

GLBT Roundtable of the American Library Association: The plot is fast-paced, the characters engagingly realized, and the book deftly spiced with dry humor that makes the reader both laugh and think for a moment about the point being made.  The accurate information provided on the standards of behavior and the consensual nature of kink/BDSM for both gay and heterosexual practitioners make this novel a distinctive addition to any LGBT collection.

Erotica for the Big Brain: Anybody who’s ever dabbled in cosplay or been involved in one of those broad, ever-evolving shared-special-interest groups, clubs or organizations, will immediately recognize some of these characters; the long-suffering event organizer, trying to put on a good show along with a pleasant face for every needy, self-centered whiner no matter how trivial their demands; the bossy, slightly overweight, non-fool-suffering, hyper-efficient head-volunteer who dreams, in her rare off moments, of being dominated by just the right guy; the clueless PC do-gooder, always advocating for some new imagined minority, whether they want her to or not; the dignified and deeply-respected grand dame who becomes a major bitch behind closed doors; the catty, perpetually bemused “I’m so above all this” intellectual-snob cum petty-minded sniper; the ever-petulant “I could do a better job than him or her” malcontents; the lost souls and broken outsiders with no other place to hang out; the quietly perceptive, if often invisible, volunteers–in this case. a pair of ultra-hip gender-bending Dromeos (gofers Boy Jack and Boi Jack) with continually streaming color commentary on whatever’s going on; the mostly nameless, faceless servants and service people, who see everything and only need to be asked to reveal the most mind-blowing of secrets. Antoniou has their numbers and writes them all to a tee; the cadres and cliques; us-versus-them staid traditionalists versus boat-rocking upstart newcomers; snobs and slobs; pompous roll-playing blowhards a bit too into their personae for their own good, or anyone else’s; the junior-league Machiavelli wannabes, and all the shifting alliances, resentments, personal vendettas and concomitant motives, means and opportunities for murder that make an extraordinary mystery into a compelling, irresistible page-turner. More here.

The Advocate:  exploring the erotic world of BDSM personalities and leather kinks makes for a lovely whodunit and a much more modern game of Clue. more here

SKIN Two: Laura weaves a Raymond Chandler style ‘whodunnit’, the story of two unlikely detectives partnered up and a look at the behind the scenes chaos & ‘fun’ of a major leather contest. more here

Bay Area Reporter: Laura Antoniou outdoes herself with The Killer Wore Leather, an oversized yet entertaining and completely engrossing new mystery novel with a kinky twist. more here

Curve Magazine There is a tendency of outsiders to create sensationalized and offensive portrayals of kinky communities; this is not that kind of a book. The Killer Wore Leather is an incredibly respectful and yet utterly hilarious portrayal. You needn’t be familiar with BDSM to understand the book, but for those who are cultural insiders you like me might find yourself bursting out laughing on the subway. In The Killer Wore Leather, no kinky subpopulation is safe from Antoniou’s skilled and good-natured mocking. Word of warning, if you can’t laugh at yourself, this isn’t the book for you. more here

Sarah Sloane, Sex & Relationships Educator: If you’re kinky: This book is damn funny. If you have ever been to a large BDSM or Leather event, or attended a leather contest, you’ll see each of these characters as someone that you’ve seen (or in some cases, you’ll see yourself in them). Laura pokes (sometimes not-so-gentle) fun at the archetypes of the kink world, yet shows the human side behind the public face. If you read The Reunion, and loved the mystery sub-plot, you’re going to absolutely adore this book.

If you’re not kinky: This book is damn funny. You’ll enjoy the interplay between the non-kinky characters (the protesters, detectives, and hotel staff) and the event attendees, dealing with what they believe “being kinky” means, and you’ll even learn a bit about all the different flavors of BDSM (even ones that you never knew existed). If you like reading Rita Mae Brown, you’ll adore Laura. She has an acerbic wit, and a keen sense of building a story that both entertains and intrigues.

If you’re a reader who likes great writing: buy this book. Right now, please. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

D.L. King, Author, author,Under Her Thumb: Writing comedy is a real gift. This book holds its own well with the likes of Christopher Buckley, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, (oh, and maybe a little Damn You, Autocorrect, too) not for its content, but for its wit, style and outrageous humor. Read the rest of the review here

Beauty in Ruins: Oh my goodness, what a sexy, funny, clever tale Laura Antoniou has managed to collar here! It’s a little bit tongue-in-cheek, a little bit knowing-wink, and a little bit eye-opening peek, all depending on how readers orient themselves to the tale. . . .Ultimately, aside from the delicious humour, I think what really distinguishes The Killer Wore Leather is its commitment to the BDSM scene, even while acknowledging just how universal its themes and characters are. Theoretically, you could change the setting to a Star Trek convention or a comic con and have it work very well, with the same us-versus-them mentality, the same misunderstandings, and the same protective sort of clique-ness. However, there are some deeper insights into love, friendship, and the whole power dynamic that are unique to the scene, and which really provide the story’s charm. Whether you’re whips and chains and collars are second-nature to you, or you have never imagined them on anything other than the neighbour’s dog, this is a mystery that’s worth a read. Read the rest of the review here.

ButchstasticIt’s obvious Antoniou isn’t writing this from the outsider perspective, but she does a great job creating characters and viewpoints that are looking into this world from the outside.  With sharp wit and plenty of humor, she transforms her observations and experience into memorable characters and believable dialog.  Even as she’s skewering stereotypes and scene archetypes, her affection for those who live, love and play in Leather is obvious. . . . My recommendation is if you like mysteries, get the book.  If you are into the Leather scene, get the book.  If you are kinky, into D/s, into BDSM, scene sometimes… get the book.  If you know how to read, get the book. Read the rest of the review here.

Popmycherry: Along with being a pretty accurate portrayal of a BDSM conference, Laura does an amazing job of crafting an immersive mystery novel complete with sex, kink, and alternative relationships. Read the rest of the review here.

Fox in the Flowers: Anyone who is a fan of mysteries, Laura Antoniou’s writing, looking for a book that revolves around BDSM that isn’t erotica or just looking for an amazing book to read will get a kick out of this! Read the rest of the review here

Erzabet’s Enchantments:  So if you are looking for a mystery that is choc full of humor, knowledge about what really goes on at leather conventions ( I have always wanted to know!) and just a plain great story, then don’t miss this seriously funny and captivating read.

RomanceBeat: The Killer Wore Leather is a great murder mystery, and a fun look at a very important facet of the BDSM community. And for romance fans, Antoniou’s appealing and well-developed characters offer a wonderful – and sexy – introduction to love in leather. more here

llellsee sex Toy Reviews: A genius balance of kink, humour and mystery.

Kate Kinsey, author of Red: “Lately it’s easier to find someone to hurt me consensually than to make me laugh, so I’m just tickled pink that Laura Antoniou, primarily known for her top-shelf erotica, has decided to render us helpless with laughter in a new comic murder mystery, The Killer Wore Leather. No one gets a pass, and no ego goes unpricked. The author has a keen eye for the posturing and paradoxes of the leather world, yet there’s nothing malicious here. Because it is obvious that the book is a love letter of sorts. Antoniou doesn’t overlook anybody’s contribution to making the kinky world go ‘round. Not just the contestants and judges, but the harried producers, the dedicated volunteers and the oft-neglected vendors — all of them get a moment in the spotlight to share their unique perspectives. The Killer Wore Leather comes just in the nick of time for me. Fifty Shades of Grey stopped being funny around page 34, so thank you, Laura, for giving me something that’s supposed to make me laugh!”

PostHuman Design: At its very core The Killer Wore Leather is a proper murder mystery of the old school. A true whodunit comprising of multiple suspects, constant twists, and a shifting narrative that does far more than just flesh out the setting. Beyond that it is a clever exploration of a world full of different language and social hierarchies, of subcultures with subcultures. Read the review here.

Jeff Fleischer, ForeWord Review: “Antoniou does a fine job translating the leather and kink scene into a difficult setting for the police to navigate.”

Debra Hyde, author of Lambda Award winner, The Story of L: “If knitters, bibliophiles, and teatotalers can have their mystery mavens, why not the BDSM leather world? And who better to deliver it than Laura Antoniou? Her finely honed rapier wit and keen eye for all things madcap makes The Killer Wore Leather one meaty tale of murder, mystery, and mayhem. Frankly, you’re suspect if you overlook it.”

Stark Raving Mad Filmophile: “…it isn’t just the mystery that will captivate you (and it will).  It’s the side dramas of the characters.  It’s who will win the contest?  Will Bitsy find the “one”?   Will Dominick and Rebecca ever understand each other?  What the hell is going on with Ravenfyre, Master Dick (snerk) and Willow?  So many questions and such surprising answers can be found.”

Victoria VonF: “Awhile back, I mentioned to somebody that I thought it would be fun to write a kinky murder mystery, as those are the two genres I read most frequently.  To my surprise, they informed me that Laura Antoniou, a well known author and speaker in the kink scene, was going to do just that.  I knew I had to check out the book once it came out- and I have to say, The Killer Wore Leather was worth waiting for!”






Erotica Revealed(November 2010): “This is the kind of virtual world that has the same enduring appeal as those of the best fantasy novels.”

The Erotic Lure: “the landmark Marketplace Series… set the standard for contemporary SM erotica. These books chronicle the adventures of those who live in an enticing world built on a slave-based hierarchy, where realistic characters are confronted with questions of trust and duty amidst an ambience of pain and eroticism.”

Miss Abernathy (Miss Abernathy’s Concise Slave Training Manual): “…  Antoniou is a strong writer.  Her books have engaging storylines, developed characters, and startlingly realistic descriptions of BDSM relationships. Antoniou’s novels — The Marketplace, The Slave, and The Trainer — represent some of the finest BDSM erotica today.”

Libido: “With her creation of the fictitious Marketplace, an elite and secretive world organizations, dedicated to the auctioning and overseeing of the world’s finest lifestyle slaves, Antoniou has achieved a feat of which few writers are capable: she has constructed a world so vivid in sequel after sequel, it takes on a reality of its own, one that’s visually hard to let go of once the reader has put down the book.”

Girlfriends: “If you haven’t read the . . . Marketplace series, you have been missing out on some of the best S/M erotica around.” “(Antoniou) gives her characters an incredible depth and provides them with unique individual voices. I believe in them. In fact, I expect to run into them on the street.”

On Our Backs: “Antoniou’s writing is full of vividly drawn pansexual characters, quick-witted dialogue, real suspense, and scenarios so intense, colorful, and detailed, you’d swear she was really there. If you’re into SM, you’ll want to be there too.”

Kate Bornstein: “Laura Antoniou . . . elevates the genre of SM erotica, surpassing both Anne Rice and Pat Califia in storyline, character development, passion and humor. The tales ring true, the dialogue achingly real, and the sex is as hot as you’d ever hope for. For the novice SM player, the well-seasoned old timer, and the simply curious alike, these books are the next best thing to being there.”

Claire Thompson: “I think the books in the Marketplace series will become, if they aren’t already, basic texts — the ABC’s of BDSM for fiction — much like Capote’s In Cold Blood is the classic for that genre of crime novel. They were like water to a thirsty woman. I drank them. I inhaled them.”

Reviews for Individual Marketplace Books

Read Chapter One of The Marketplace here 

Listen to an excerpt of the audio book here

Read an excerpt of “For Want of a Nail,” the bonus short story in the Luster e-book edition here 

Erotica Revealed (November 2010): “First published in 1993, this novel is one of the classics of the genre, and it is worth reading more than once. The discipline and the sex scenes appeal to a variety of tastes, but none of the characters is a cliche, and their development drives the plot.”

Lisabet Sarai, The Erotic Lure: “I loved this book. For one thing, despite its fantasy premise, it has a realistic, down-to-earth feel. The characters are complex and their interactions nuanced and believable. The Marketplace is the exact opposite of the kinky fairy tale world of the Beauty books – even though they share activities and physical elements.”

Kitty Tsui (author, Breathless): “(The Marketplace) Reads like cool silk on whip reddened flanks. Gay, bi, or straight, master, novice, slave, switch, Daddy, boy, fetishist, hedonist, and submissive will all respond to these erotic pages. Compelling, and charged with electricity, pleasurable as leather rain.”

 Read Chapter One of The Slave here

Read an excerpt of “That’s Harsh!,” the bonus short story in the Luster e-book edition here

TammyJo Eckhart: “Unlike the other books set in the Marketplace world by Laura Antoniou, The Slave, book two of the series, focuses on the training and slavery of one character, Robin. Why just one character? I can’t answer that except to say that via this one rather impressive slave-girl we are able to experience Marketplace life in a very intense way.”

 Read Chapter One of The Trainer here

Read an excerpt of “California Dreaming,” the bonus short story in the Luster e-book edition here

Venus Bookclub: “In this darkly erotic third volume of the Marketplace…, Michael Laguardia is a cocky young man, confident he has the makings of a master. Mike has always dreamed that he would one day have his own sexual slaves to service his every need and desire. And he knows that the Marketplace is the perfect place to start. In this elaborate secret society, slaves are trained and sold… but entrance is extremely selective. Then Mike is accepted for “master training” at the prestigious Anderson house, famed for turning out the most exquisitely submissive slaves and the most deftly cruel masters. Unfortunately for Mike, Chris Parker, a top master trainer, pegs Mike as an insolent upstart – and Chris is put in charge of his training. Soon, Mike will discover a new and unimagined ecstasy … and a secret that will change everything.”

TammyJo Eckhart: “The (revised Mystic Rose Books edition) is a better story than the original and a story which more neatly fits into the series as a whole. . . . There are five added chapters to The Trainer which do a wonderful job of filling in some gaps from The Slave and leading us more clearly into The Academy. . . This version of The Trainer is a better read than the original.”

Read Chapter One of The Academy here

Read an excerpt of “Inside Straight,” the bonus short story in the Luster e-book edition here

Skin Two UK: “As the main plot line of the novel develops, it is interspersed with short self-contained stories told by the characters and written by other authors to whom Antoniou has given licence to play in her world. As a result, many story threads are weaved into a complex tapestry, often with unexpected results: characters are fleshed out and tantalising gaps in previously mentioned plots are finally filled. It’s a panoply of pansexual perversion – tops, bottoms, switches of all races, genders and sexual preferences indulge in scenes of dominance and submission hot enough to ignite the pages, but the book goes far beyond merely appealing to base pornographic stimulation. The degree of literary satisfaction is also high, with careful plot development and believable characterisation. The SM novel has finally come of age.”

Lori Selke: “Laura Antoniou’s Marketplace series is one of a kind. The books depict a rich alternative reality with an honor-bound system of slave market hierarchies, but this is no fantasyland of perfect masters and unquestioning servants. Antoniou creates fully realized characters who struggle with loyalty, duty and service. In this volume, Antoniou, with a little help from her friends, creates a sort of Arabian Nights of the Marketplace, with individual stories woven into a larger tale full of political intrigue, difficult choices, and of course, searingly hot sex. There’s nothing else like this is in the world of erotic writing.”

Libido: “Readers unfamiliar with Laura’s previous Marketplace books . . . are not likely to find this a hindrance to their enjoyment of the Academy: Tales from the Marketplace. The book is rich in detail and fascinating background stories. . . Each erotically charged contribution of dominance and submission is woven seamlessly into the main storyline under the guise of tales being told among attendees at the conference, giving the overall tone of the book a depth and variety that will not fail to keep the reader engaged. ”

Venus Bookclub: “All of your favorite trainers and slaves are back for another round of delightful punishment! This hot new tale, #4 in the Marketplace series, joins Chris Parker and dozens of other trainers as they journey to mystical Japan for their annual meeting. But there’s plenty of pleasure mixed with the business of domination. Like nervous slave Doris getting broken in with an unforgettable ride on her new master’s motorcycle…and Miss Claudia’s new maid Francis being ordered to perform some arousing household chores…or the muscular burglar who receives swift punishment when he’s caught breaking into slave Fancy’s home. In this exciting novelogy, The Academy interweaves short stories from some illustrious guest authors including Cecilia Tan, M. Christian and Karen Taylor. In addition, the book contains a bonus novelette, which tells the story of when Chris Parker first met Anderson, “The Trainer of Trainers.” This latest tell will leave you begging for more!”

Read an excerpt from The Reunion here

Read an excerpt of “Kaleigh Lad,” the bonus short story in the Luster e-book edition here


Sensuous Sadie:The Reunion is about real kinky folk, young and old; thin and fat; sometimes fearful, sometimes confused, but always focused on their slave natures. I soon found a character who I could relate to, and liked the rest of them enough to get hot with them on their various adventures.

“The beginning of her novels have a real storyline, which in this case is a reunion of many of the former slaves who went through the “Marketplace,” a training center of international renown. Robin, a slave who was introduced in the second book of the series, travels to Ireland for this reunion. She has just been freed from her slave contract and is struggling with living without a collar. On the way she meets up with Chris Parker, a veteran trainer who will help her, and himself find their way to new relationships. It is in Kaleigh castle that Robin, Chris and many other slaves engage in some lively drama, as well as plenty of steamy scenes!”

Debra Hyde:  “I can’t say enough good things about The Renuion. Laura Antoniou’s plotting only improves with age; . . . [h]er eye for detail, both subtle and broad, remain remarkable, and her erotic writing still provides exciting interludes. If anything, the hot vacation sex at the novel’s midpoint is one hell of a clever reward for her dedicated fans.

“Yes, the potent combination that made The Slave such the most popular volume in the original trilogy fires up again, and while I refuse to say whether the unrequited desire of every reader who ever latched onto Chris and Robin is finally answered, I can say this reunion is immensely satisfying.”

Scenes From The Marketplace (available in e-book edition only)

The Marketplace and the other books in the series by Laura Antoniou have become some of the best-known and best-loved BDSM-themed books since Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty. With their subtle wit, complex moral codes, and hot sex and submission, the books have created a full world in readers’ heads, populated with a vast cast of characters. Over the years, Antoniou has filled in the background details on many of these characters and her world through short stories. Sometimes appearing in anthologies here and there, other times as “DVD” extras in ebooks, these stories give insights into the history of The Marketplace, the motivations behind the characters, and sometimes their fates after they were last seen in the novels.

No Safewords: A Collection of Marketplace Fan Fiction (available in e-book edition only)

Jamie Marriage, Post-Human Design: “Fan-Fiction squared; that’s the best way to describe No Safewords, a new anthology of fan fiction based around Laura Antoniou’s BDSM themed series of novels The Marketplace….It’s often easy to forget that this anthology is based around somebody else’s work; while there are tales written utilizing Antoniou’s own characters and settings most of the pieces have their own voices, settings and twists. Some show the love and compassion often found within the commitments of the BDSM community and relationships, and others are just head long dives into the activities and complexities of a world where it is legal to own another human being, if only for a period of time.. . . Fans of The Marketplace Series will enjoy this anthology, as will those with an open curiosity; both of the BDSM world in general, and in this marvellous fictional community.”

Cinema Erotica (originally published as The Catalyst): available in e-book edition only

RomFan Reviews: A group of tales from heterosexual, homosexual, ménages, and lots of fetish and BDSM, you’ll find it all in this book. Unsettling and shocking for some, perhaps a kick in the pants for others, whatever toots your horn, be warned that the contents of the stories span many sexual fantasies. Read more of the review here

Hot Talk: “a frankly honest yet impassioned exploration of SM play between adults discovering it for the first time.”

Blowfish: “A kinky art movie inspires the audience members — het and queer — to try some SM play of their own. Different from much SM smut in that it depicts actual consensual SM scenes between just plain folks rather than wild impossible fantasies, “The Catalyst” is both sweet-natured and nastily perverse. The “why don’t we give this kinky stuff a try” tone is a true delight.”

Shop Stud & Other Tales of Gay Male Lust And Love by Laura Antoniou writing as Christopher Morgan (available in e-book edition only)

Erotica Revealed (February/March 2011): Compared to the irony, symbolism, social commentary and virtuoso writing that have slipped into male-on-male erotica (including the annual Best Gay Erotica), these stories look as charmingly naive as small-town boys from yesteryear. One can imagine Christopher Morgan stroking his own dick while writing his fantasies with the other hand. How postmodern.

Musclebound by Laura Antoniou writing as Christopher Morgan (available in e-book edition only)

In this smoking hot tale of m-m love, the author spins a mythic story of Tom falls hard for an older an older man he meets in a gym with mixed feelings of fear and attraction. Meanwhile, the older man puts Tom  through a sexual initiation involving BDSM and brutal, sweaty sex. In the process Tom’s hatred of his own body and gay urges is transformation in very positive ways. Musclebound is a story that takes Tom from innocence to experience, ordeal to triumph.

A Sampling of Short Stories & Essays in Other Collections

Looking for Mr. Preston: A Celebration of The Writer’s Life, ed. Laura Antoniou (out of print)

Goodreads: John Preston was, before his untimely death from AIDS in 1994, one of the best-known of gay writers. From his personal memoirs, to his Alex Kane “gay action hero” series, to his hot S/M porn, his was a huge influence. This book gathers tributes to his life and work from colleagues and friends.

Not all the pieces in this book are non-fiction. Some of the writers paid tribute to Preston by writing “the unabashed sexual fiction he always championed”. Will Leber borrows characters from Franny, the Queen of Provincetown, Antoniou uses a real incident when Preston was turned away from a leather bar for violating the “dress code”.

The non-fiction reveals a man who believed in the importance of community and friends, one who, in the words of a friend, “relished his position as an elder”. Three of the pieces are by men who were his literary protegés, writers he volunteered to mentor, each for different reasons, and all of whom are writing today.

Some Women, ed. Laura Antoniou (out of print)

Skin Two UK: “From professional dominatrixes to part-time social workers, it lets you in to take a peek at where women’s heads are at, SM sexuality-wise. It pulls no punches. These are new voices — real women telling us what really turns them on…With an excellent introduction by Pat Califia, this book makes the reader think about the wide range of SM experiences, beyond the glamour of fiction and fantasy, or the clever-clever prose of the perverati.”

The Spectator: “Laura Antoniou’s lucid introductions and commentary on each section create an intelligent framework for understanding the essays . . . frequently touching, often funny, and rarely dull.” “It (the book) helped me reach a deeper understanding of how SM is one way among many of negotiating, enjoying, healing and perhaps moving toward transforming some of the most deeply entrenched power arrangements of this culture. Some Women does a good job of educating and furthering intelligent dialogue without polarizing.”

The Catalyst and Other Works (out of print)

S. Bear Bergman: The novel The Catalyst (of which I have my original pervert-cred Masquerade edition) is reprinted in its entirety, and it is a chewy buffet of perversion which includes all manner of combinations of sexuality and sensibility. Several Marketplace stories which have appeared elsewhere are reprinted here, for the rabid please-Sir-may-I-have-some-more Marketplace fans among us. And perhaps best of all, for me, a few brilliant jewels of essays about the intersection of gender and sexuality, about the algorithms of desire, and about ways of service. My personal favorite: a longing, delicious piece about love and need between tops and bottoms called We Never Speak, which made me shiver and sigh with recognition.

Other Out Of Print Books Edited by Laura Antoniou

A groundbreaking anthology that paved the way for representations of power exchange between women and revolutionized sex-radical culture. From the pens of then-new or emerging authors, these short stories, which broke every rule imposed upon women’s fantasies, continue to captivate enthusiasts of the new erotica. Oft-quoted and still vibrant, these stories remain a crucial component of the modern library of sexual adventure.

“Write about women whose self-image doesnt begin and end with top or bottombut includes things like religion, skin color, social class, ethnicity, even lifestyle.” With the same unerring judgment that made Leatherwomen and Leatherwomen II international successes, Laura Antoniou gathers the very best of todays cutting-edge womens eroticaconcentrating on multicultural stories involving characters too infrequently seen in this genre. More than fifteen of todays most daring writers make this a compelling testament to desire.

An unusual anthology that takes a hard look at the fantasies surrounding powerful women and the people who love them. Editor Laura Antoniou’s credits include Leatherwomen and Leatherwomen II, two pioneer volumes by and about women who do SM. By Her Subdued continues in this tradition by featuring writing by women in control — oftheir lives, their lovers, their identities. An uncompromising look at women who dare to be on top.

This collection contains tales by women who lead submissive lifestyles and experiment with the highs and lows of emotional and physical enslavement to dominant partners. Laura Antoniou, editor of the landmark Leatherwomen anthologies as well as the nonfiction anthology, Some Women, brings together a selection of accomplished and provocative writing in this companion volume to By Her Subdued.


15 Responses to “Books & Reviews”

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Ms. Antoniou–
    I’ve been enjoying the Marketplace series very much but am somewhat disappointed in the fact that the fifth book, The Reunion, is so largely unavailable. Do you happen to know if Circlet is publishing the other books in the series, or are they stopping with The Marketplace?

    Best regards,


  2. lantoniou says:

    Jessica, the Slave just became available! Circlet will be publishing all of the Marketplace books.

  3. Simon D'Arcangel says:

    I keep hoping for a sixth book in the ‘Marketplace’ series. Is there anything planned or did ‘The Reunion’ finish off the series? Thanks for the nice work in the first five books.

  4. anna says:

    Dear Laura,

    You may know i love the whole series and especially Robin and Chris… and i do love the Mistress/slave lifestyle and i try to live it with my Owner for real, well as much as it is possible. i don’t want to waste Your time, so i am writing just because i am curious about your statement “The Inheritor will be the next book…”. This is amazing because it suggests that it won’t be the last one! Wow, this would be truly breathtaking, if we all could keep the hope for more. Thank You!

    Best Wishes

  5. Oh, The Inheritor won’t be the last MP book! There will be two anthologies, and I do have other novels planned, including a historical novel set in the 1800′s. I do not intend to abandon the MP series; it’s just been slow going. Keep with me and I promise much more to come!


  6. lantoniou says:

    Yes, The Inheritor will come out, but not very soon! I have been working on making the older books available in the new formats, writing the bonus stories for them and doing other (paying) projects. Right now, I am finishing a book titled The Killer Wore Leather, my first mystery, and then work will return to the MP universe. That will include The Inheritor, and at least one anthology of short stories, possibly two. And just to spare your fingers, I swear that the minute I am done with *any* big project, book or story, I do tend to go around crowing about it. You’ll see announcements on my web page, Facebook, Fetlife, Livejournal, Twitter, and probably things I don’t use yet. I will make sure people hear about it!

  7. Thea says:

    Hi Laura

    Will The Reunion come out in a Kindle/ebook version? I have the rest for Kindle, so I was sad to not find it, and getting a normal book version aren’t easy either. I’m looking forward to any other new books too and hope they will be available online as well!

  8. The Reunion – and all future Marketplace books! – will be made available for the Kindle and other e-readers! In fact, I suspect it’ll be very rare that any book going forward is released in paper alone. The Reunion is going through copy editing, having a new cover designed and is in the works for release in autumn/winter 2012.

  9. Raven Rykers says:

    Hi Laura,

    I enjoyed seeing you again on the east coast. (MsC) I loved the reading and I am watching to be sure to get on the pre purchase list for The Killer Wore Leather. I just ordered the What Would Chris Parker Do bracelet and I am looking forward to the stories and bonus chapters.

    Thank you for all of the wonderful writing.

    In Leather
    slave raven

  10. Meredith says:


    I first read the Marketplace in 1996, oddly enough I found it in the library at my then community college. Your book was an introduction into the world of BDSM, which I had never heard of, though I’d been playing with the notion of being someone’s pet since I was about 8 years old. I look forward to reading your series, and I will start with the Marketplace as it’s been like 17 years since I read it.


  11. lantoniou says:

    I hope you enjoy it this time around!

  12. [...] Author, Speaker, Pundit, Kvetch. 20 years in the Marketplace Universe: 1993-2013 HomeAbout LauraBooks & ReviewsHire LauraPodcasts, Readings, InterviewsRants (Speeches)Workshops & [...]

  13. slave girl says:

    Mistress instructed her girl to ask about a book titled as The man with the dragon tattoo or
    something similar to that. Apparently it is supposed to be released soon

  14. Laura Antoniou says:

    The Man with the Phoenix Tattoo is a short story in one of two collections:

    Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica, edited by Tristan Taormino
    Available as a paperback or e-book


    Scenes from the Marketplace, by me, Laura Antoniou
    available as an e-book only

  15. Kittyktz says:


    I just have to say that I’m hooked on your Marketplace books! I’m reading the 5th book, The Reunion, now and wanted to ask if The Inheritor was out yet. If not, which book do you recommend reading after The Reunion?


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