Excerpt from “Inside Straight,” by Laura Antoniou

Marcy Teodor squinted at her junior trainer over morning coffee and gave him the best glower she could manage. To his credit, Stuart didn’t shrug or pull one of his cute “aww, come on boss,” postures and smiles. They could be remarkably effective, especially when combined with late nights, luxury surroundings, and not enough coffee.

At least it was good coffee, strong and heavily lashed with cream.

Coming from Seattle made a person very serious about coffee. Marcy had considered the traditional ryokan room for all of about five minutes before deciding on the western-style hotel wing of the Shimada resort. The Academy was stressful enough, and more so this year with the Parker proposal and Stuart on display. Adding the details of living in such a different setting was just a wasteful extravagance; she was no expert in Japanese culture and Stuart would have more than enough to keep him occupied in student mode.

Or, perhaps not.

“You have no idea what you’re asking for,” she said bluntly, curling her legs up on the curved sofa, digging her toes into the velvety, tan microfiber. The room was decorated in warm sunrise colors, from light caramel to golden pine all accented with stark black trim and tabletops. Despite their odd hours, she’d never seen any of the cleaning staff. But somehow, whenever the room was vacant, it was cleaned, freshened, or improved. Fresh flowers and fruit and tiny gourmet chocolates appeared at different times of the day. And just yesterday, she came back to the room with a small headache and found a carafe of coffee waiting for her on a tray. It was enough to make a trainer weep with envy. One day, she promised herself. Maybe this year, I’ll have just the right trainee to recommend. Everyone knows it’ll be in Canada next year, and how perfect would that be, taking one of my slaves to serve at the Academy right up the coast? It was a good thought, a great fantasy.

She turned her attention to her troublesome trainee and sighed. In her moment of musing, he had waited patiently and she felt almost annoyed that he’d noticed she was woolgathering and didn’t try to respond to her challenge.

“I don’t train that way,” she said, after another sip. “I’d have to send you to someone else.”

Stuart nodded. “I understand that, ma’am.”

“I don’t think you really do. There’s a reason why it’s fallen out of favor, and it’s not just because it’s hard. I know, you’ve been hearing everyone’s old training stories about their big, bad master trainers and it all sounds like something romantic and impossible like one of those big magic swords and elves books you like so much. But in reality, it means your service is taken for years, kiddo. No outlines, no planning sessions, just obedience and submission and damn few boundaries.”

He nodded eagerly, tawny hair falling over his high forehead and over his china-blue eyes. Lord, but he was pretty, Marcy thought. Pity I’m not into little pretty boys…

Oh, that was a thought. She eyed him in speculation. “You see some of these slaves here and Parker’s trainee looking like they can read minds and it all seems like something you can just learn, like how to cut or how to whip. It’s not that easy, Stu. And you can serve a trainer for years and still not figure out what it takes, and then what do you have? Wasted years and nothing to show for it.”

“It won’t be wasted, Marcy,” he said with confidence. “I know I can do it!”

“Well, then.” Marcy stood and handed him her empty cup to refill. “Show me. Kurgan is having his big blow-out tonight, every pleasure slave here will probably be on duty for him. Go to his orgy and pick out a pleasure slave for me.”

Stuart poured coffee and added cream, and she could almost feel his mind whirling with a thousand questions. But he limited himself to a good one. “Do you have any preferences, to help me select the right one?”

“I’ll answer three questions,” she offered generously.

“What use do you have in mind for the slave?”

“Fucking.” She grinned. “Someone with a working, attached cock.”

She liked the way Stuart looked when he blushed, although broadcasting his feelings like that was a continual source of embarrassment for him. But he nodded quickly and asked, “Are there any other physical attributes you would prefer?”

“Big, strong… I want someone who exudes manliness, if possible.”

Stuart paused and considered his last question. Then he grinned. “What time do you want him to show up, and where?”

“I’ll take him delivered here, and before midnight. That should give you about two, maybe three hours to find the right one.”

from the added short story in the e-book edition of “The Academy”


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    Your books always keep me wanting more, your characters are not ordinary but real with a twist. Waiting for the academy Ebook and the inheritor.

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