The Marketplace 20th Anniversary Raffle & Poetry Contest

Posted By on July 24, 2013

Win a copy of the Mystic Rose edition of The Reunion and/or a leather wristband full of e-books by participating in two events taking place at the Between the Covers Marketplace Anniversary Reading, August 2, at the Happy Endings Loungeeven if you can’t make it in person! Keep reading to learn how!

Join Laura Antoniou, Karen Taylor, Mollena Williams, DL King, david stein and Sassafras Lowrey at the Happy Ending Lounge for an evening of readings, trivia and giveaways hosted by Between The Covers, all to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the first book in the erotic BDSM series, The Marketplace.

Laura Antoniou will read from two unpublished works in the Marketplace, and her special guest authors will spotlight their own work, showing why they were invited to contribute to the Marketplace universe, either in volume 4, The Academy, or in No Safewords, the first collection of Marketplace fan fiction.

Laura will also bring out-of-print editions and selected notes from the Codex for the Marketplace Universe, allowing fans to see what goes into keeping track of hundreds of characters, an extensive timeline and overlapping stories.


Between the Covers will have the usual prize-bag give-aways for this event, but to celebrate this special anniversary, Laura Antoniou will be giving away a rare, personal edition of The Reunion, the 5th book in the series, plus a leather wristband containing e-books and stories! And you can win one of these even if you’re not there.

The Reunion, just now into final copy-editing and layout stages for the new Circlet Press Luster edition, is the longest and most complex book of the series to date. Seeing a limited print run, it is also the most rare.


Any fan in the continental US may enter a contest to win one of these books, direct from Laura’s shelves! Since the book takes place in Ireland, with a lead character living in Japan, you may enter the contest by providing a limerick or haiku with a Marketplace theme. NO MULTIPLE ENTRIES – so choose your poetic structure wisely!

BUT - you must get this piece of poetry TO the Happy Endings Lounge by 8PM, Friday, August 2nd.

If you are planning to attend anyway, bring your poem with you. But if you can’t be there, find someone who will print it out and walk it in for you. (Do not send them to Laura.) You may only enter once, but anyone attending this festive evening may carry in as many entries as they wish.

Once more – do not send them to Laura. Seriously.

The entries will be read on site, and the winner will be selected by acclaim and/or a jury of discerning poetry lovers. With your limerick or haiku, include the inscription name and a shipping address.

Why would someone else bring my poem in when I’m just competition for them? Because your friend gets EXTRA chances to win EVEN MORE STUFF. Here’s how it works:

Everyone in attendance at the reading gets AT LEAST ONE raffle ticket. Being there in person makes you eligible for a bunch of giveaways.

A prize ONLY AVAILABLE TO THOSE IN ATTENDANCE is the leather wristband/USB drive containing an entire library of Laura Antoniou’s books and short stories in e-book formats. This will be given away by random drawing. But! If you bring in entries for the limerick/haiku contest, you get an additional raffle ticket for each entry you bring with you, as thanks for being such a helpful and generous reader!

It’s the 20th Anniversary of the Marketplace and it’s also Laura Antoniou’s birthday weekend. So, come down and celebrate or send in your artistic/salacious bawdy/clever poetry and maybe win yourself a nice present.

Follow Laura Antoniou on Facebook, Twitter or Fetlife, or at her website, LANTONIOU.COM

Her most recent releases are: No Safewords, a collection of Marketplace fan fiction, and The Killer Wore Leather, a comedy murder of the kinky variety. Coming soon will be the re-release of The Reunion. Laura is also working on The Inheritor, book six in the Marketplace series.

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