Why The Reunion Is So Late

Posted By on July 14, 2013

So, you know I wanted The Reunion to come out in the first quarter of this year and now the year is more than half done. I owe you an explanation.

My original archive file for The Reunion existed in one place. (I can hear the screams of terror as you read that.) This was a combination of bad luck and poor planning and simple time changes. For all the other books, I had several variations of electronic files, ranging from Microsoft Word 5.0 (yes!) to PDFs, .txt and Pagemaker files.

But for The Reunion, I had one Word file. And it was on a hard drive that experienced a catastrophic failure, losing almost all the data. In the rescued files, I had one damaged text file, that included a lot of corrupt data.

So, we tracked down the Pagemaker files for the Mystic Rose edition, and imported them as text, painstakingly, a chapter at a time. This brought another set of problems – old Pagemaker formatting was embedded in the files, and when stripped, reduced the text to a stream of gibberish.

So, now we had two files, each differently damaged. And that was what I had to give to Circlet.

Months later, as every word, sentence and paragraph got separated and properly sorted, we found chunks of text were just…missing. A physical copy of the old book was sacrificed so pages could be scanned, as other text was just typed in. Then, the whole thing was read through to make sure it was all there, and then I got it back.

Now, I have a 1000+ page manuscript with some serious problems. In addition to mere proofing corrections – misplaced commas, too many uses of the word “that” – there are hundreds – maybe thousands- of formatting changes that need to be made. Almost all the italics are missing, from foreign words and when I use them for emphasis in speech. Spaces are missing between sentences. Quote marks and apostrophes are missing, or reversed. Almost every single page has multiple notations for changes.

One of the joys of working with a small press like Circlet is that I get to work with my friends, support a business that supports our community, and I get to be a star and have good products made by an excellent publisher I admire.

One of the drawbacks to working with a small press is I can’t just shove this onto someone else, and once I get done with my notes, someone on a very small staff will still need to find the time to enter them all. And then, of course, the layout will have to be adjusted and checked to accommodate all these changes.

Years ago, no one would have cared. Masquerade would have published it as-is and shrugged off all the flaws in the text, because it was “only porn.” But I want my books to be, look and feel better, and so does Circlet. And so do YOU. Because you expect better now, and you deserve it. So, we are taking as much time as it takes.

I know once we’re done, there will still be errors. Something always gets through, no matter how many times you pass the manuscript back and forth between editors, checking, fixing, tweaking. But even as I joke that the new editions should have a sticker on the cover, advertising “Now with fewer typos!” it has been a pleasure to see the higher quality in editing and layout I have enjoyed with Circlet, under their Luster imprint.

The Reunion WILL come out. We are working on it, and it will be splendid. And I truly hope you readers understand why it was so long delayed and forgive me for my hasty estimation of a release date. I promise, as soon as it gets into shape and we have some indication from the various e-book distributors that the files are ready to post, I will be telling the world. And then, shortly after that, we’ll know what format the physical book will be in and how to order that as well.

And yes – I am still working on The Inheritor. Taking a break from writing it, as I spend all my time doing this edit on The Reunion galleys, but as soon as I send this file back to Cambridge, I will be back in the middle of the next part of the saga.

I do ask for your forgiveness, and for your continued patience. I know it’s been annoying as hell. I will strive to make this edition of The Reunion worthy of the wait. And I will be much more conservative in my estimation of publishing schedules from now on.


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  1. pror says:

    Any idea about how much the reunion will cost? Thank you.

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