The Future of BDSM Fiction

Posted By on May 13, 2013

 I think the mainstream media “discovers” kinky sex every 10 years or so. I have seen the furor over Anne Rice’s Beauty books back when she wrote them under the name “A. N. Roquelaure” & Exit to Eden, which she wrote as “Anne Rampling.” Then there was Nine and a Half Weeks, by Ingeborg Day writing as Elizabeth McNeill, and Meeting the Master, by Elissa Wald, writing as… herself, actually. Every single time, the media clutched its collective pearls and wondered how feminists would respond, hastened to assure us all that it’s OK to have fantasies of submission, and did cute little sidebar stories on an occasional SM club or leather bar or sex toy shop. And then they forgot about kinky until the next one rolled to the top of the media haystack.– Me, in The Advocate 

On The 20th of May, I head to the Upper West Side’s Barnes & Noble to have a conversation with talk show host Judith Regan about the future of BDSM fiction. I’ll be riffing on some of the things I have talked about in the Advocate article, and over the last 20 years as a smut writer. I’m pretty excited about this interview – I met Judith Regan when I was on her show promoting 50 Writers on 50 Shades of Gray - she and I both have pieces in the book. I’m looking forward to this conversation.

Meanwhile, this is my last week in Australia, with the amazing Uber Services.  I’m visiting Canberra for the first time, and also teaching workshops on service, protocol, and punishment in Sydney.

And then, I’m off to the International Mr Leather Contest in Chicago! What better place to be promoting The Killer Wore Leather than the biggest leather contest in America? I’ll be signing books in the vendor space, at the Leather Archives & Museum’s table. Whether you’re new to BDSM or have been part of the scene longer than I have, let’s have fun together.

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