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Posted By on March 4, 2013

 The Killer Wore Leather has been available for e-books, and starting this week, available in trade paperback everywhere. If you haven’t stopped by your favorite bookstore in person or on the web, now is the time!

Read Chapter One of The Killer Wore Leather here.
Visit the Mr. and Ms. Global Leather (and bootblack) contest website here.

The e-book editions have been selling briskly, and the reviews continue to roll in.

Jon Krongaard, Coordinator, International Mr Leather Inc.: This book is a MUST READ! Whether you’re a neophyte or a title contest regular, Laura has perfectly captured the passion, the protocol, the strange and sometimes bizarre shenanigans that surround leather title events. All in good fun with many well placed pokes because …well …because they needed poking. All that, and a delightful murder mystery too! Whether title events are your thing or not does not matter. This made me laugh. It will make you laugh. A lot! In the end, one person gets stabbed. And a community is lovingly skewered.

from The Leather Journal:  I can’t sing the praises or rave recognition of this joyfully comedic look at our Leather Contest Culture enough.  ANYONE who has ever  attended a convention, seminar, leather contest, fundraiser bar night or read an article in a main stream newspaper about “living the lifestyle”, will recognize characters and brilliant portrayals of the colorful group we call family, even if the color of choice is matt black, worn in some long dark alley.

froD.L. King: You will like this book.  You may even love this book, the way I do. What I’m saying is that you don’t have to be part of the kink community to enjoy The Killer Wore Leather. You can learn about it along with Nancy, the reporter who feels put upon to have to cover such a dog of an event: the Mr. and Ms. Global Leather and Boot Black contest. You’ll like it because, here’s the deal: it’s a murder mystery, and you like murder mysteries.

And, if you happen to be a part of said kink community, you will LOVE it for its hilarious representation, hey, you might even see yourself caricatured within its pages — you know your friends will… And actually, if you’ve ever been to a convention of any size, academic, science fiction, romance, engineering, you name it, the book translates.

I have been a fan of Laura Antoniou’s writing and wit since I picked up my first Marketplace book way back when. She’s a brilliant teller of tales who knows how to turn a phrase — turn it on its ear. Not only is the plot riviting (because you really do want to know who killed Mac Steele, ass that he is — and when you think you know, you’re wrong…just saying) but the book is laugh-out-loud funny. From Boy Jack to Boy Jack (yes, there are two) to the fabulous acronyms for all the groups and organizations (be sure to spell them out as you read!) you won’t be able to put this book down and you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Writing comedy is a real gift. This book holds its own well with the likes of Christopher Buckley, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, (oh, and maybe a little Damn You, Autocorrect, too) not for its content, but for it’s wit, style and outrageous humor. I’m not going to rehash the plot. Others have already done that. Simply know that you will like the book, regardless of who you are or where you come from. So do yourself a favor and give yourself a little present.

from Goodreads: Laura Antoniou is a Literatrix…a Master of many genres. TKWL is a delicious view of a unique part of society written with her own brand of “snarcasm”. I hope this introduction to Detective Rebecca Feldblum is the first of many to come, as Ms Antoniou teases with some interesting characters i’d like to see come out and play some more.





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