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Posted By on February 17, 2013

New books are out, and the reviews are coming in!

Read Chapter One of The Killer Wore Leather here.
Visit the Mr. and Ms. Global Leather (and bootblack) contest website here.

Publisher’s Weekly: “Erotica fans will best appreciate Antoniou’s mystery set at a Manhattan convention devoted to BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism). When Cormac “Mack” Steel, the previous year’s winner of the title of Mr. Global Leather, is found in his hotel room stabbed to death with an unusual three-bladed weapon, NYPD Det. Rebecca Feldblum takes on the high-profile case. Personal complications arise after the investigation brings the detective back in touch with a former lover, Trudy, who ended the relationship because Feldblum chose to join “a fascist, patriarchal system of oppression,” i.e., the police. Tongue-in-cheek humor—two organizations have the acronyms PISS and ASS (the Pansexual Institute for Sexual Studies and the American Sexuality Society)—compensates only in part for routine police work.”

Kate Kinsey, author of Red: “Lately it’s easier to find someone to hurt me consensually than to make me laugh, so I’m just tickled pink that Laura Antoniou, primarily known for her top-shelf erotica, has decided to render us helpless with laughter in a new comic murder mystery, The Killer Wore Leather. No one gets a pass, and no ego goes unpricked. The author has a keen eye for the posturing and paradoxes of the leather world, yet there’s nothing malicious here. Because it is obvious that the book is a love letter of sorts. Antoniou doesn’t overlook anybody’s contribution to making the kinky world go ‘round. Not just the contestants and judges, but the harried producers, the dedicated volunteers and the oft-neglected vendors — all of them get a moment in the spotlight to share their unique perspectives. The Killer Wore Leather comes just in the nick of time for me. Fifty Shades of Grey stopped being funny around page 34, so thank you, Laura, for giving me something that’s supposed to make me laugh!”

Jeff Fleischer, ForeWord Review: “Antoniou does a fine job translating the leather and kink scene into a difficult setting for the police to navigate.”

Debra Hyde, author of Lambda Award winner, The Story of L: “If knitters, bibliophiles, and teatotalers can have their mystery mavens, why not the BDSM leather world? And who better to deliver it than Laura Antoniou? Her finely honed rapier wit and keen eye for all things madcap makes The Killer Wore Leather one meaty tale of murder, mystery, and mayhem. Frankly, you’re suspect if you overlook it.”

 Jamie MarriagePost-Human Design: “Fan-Fiction squared; that’s the best way to describe No Safewords, a new anthology of fan fiction based around Laura Antoniou’s BDSM themed series of novels The Marketplace….It’s often easy to forget that this anthology is based around somebody else’s work; while there are tales written utilizing Antoniou’s own characters and settings most of the pieces have their own voices, settings and twists. Some show the love and compassion often found within the commitments of the BDSM community and relationships, and others are just head long dives into the activities and complexities of a world where it is legal to own another human being, if only for a period of time.. . . Fans of The Marketplace Series will enjoy this anthology, as will those with an open curiosity; both of the BDSM world in general, and in this marvellous fictional community.”

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