West Coast Bound!

Posted By on January 29, 2013

As of February 1st, my 2013 tour is off and running with 10 days in the Pacific Northwest.  I will be attending the third annual West Coast Bound, in Vancouver, BC. From “SUBvert the DOMinant Paradigm” to “Too Kinky For Words,” I’ll be presenting some of my most popular classes at this great conference. And yes, I’ll also be reading from my upcoming novel, “The Killer Wore Leather” while I am there.

I will be spending an extra day in Vancouver to read and sign books at my favorite Canadian Bookstore, Little Sisters. Little Sisters dared to carry my books when they were first banned in Canada, and proudly continue the tradition today. Depending on audience interest, I could be reading from unpublished Marketplace material, or from my comedy murder mystery.

I then travel to Seattle for the week of February 4th, teaching several classes at the Center for Sex Positive Culture and reading at Gay City, thanks to Seattle Girls of Leather.  I will be teaching “For Your Own Good: Putting Punishment in D/S  Relationships” on  Thursday, February 7th, and my new class, “Romantic Surrender,” on Saturday, February 9th. Can’t make it? My reading at  Gay City is February 8th.

Oh… and if you’re on the other coast, don’t worry. I’ll be appearing in NYC and at the New England Fetish Fair Fleamarket and reading at Mister Sister, both in Providence later in the month. Check out my calendar for locations.


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3 Responses to “West Coast Bound!”

  1. John Littlehale says:

    Thanks so much for signing the book on Sunday. My wife was thrilled.

  2. JustKat says:

    You are the George RR Martin of erotic fiction – the waiting between each book seems to take forever but the finished product is WORTH IT. I really loved the Marketplace series and am so looking forward to the next book.

    You are a rock star!

  3. Ms. Marielle Martt says:


    I so appreciate the wisdom and heat that you put forth in your Marketplace novels. Your level of insight into the human animal is akin to some of those pearls put forth by William Shakespeare.

    I have not kept up with the marketplace digests as my own life is busy with my own particular directions. I truly enjoy the fact of your incredible involvement in the community of deliciously unique peoples. I do hope you continue to be well, enjoy all efforts and leisures, and share more of your novel imaginings with…ME.

    Blessings and embraces,


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