Staying Close to Home This Month

Posted By on October 16, 2012

After an amazing trip to Sydney, I am sticking close to home in October. I’m finish ing up several writing projects, and I’ve launched my online store, which includes books in paper and electronic forms, saucy run pins, and other fun items. (please note: if the link for the online store doesn’t work, you can click the links on the left or right of this article that say “Shop Laura” or just go to shop (dot) lantoniou (dot) com.)

I will be making two appearances in New York City during October. The first is on Thursday, October 25th, at the NYC premiere of Bawdy Storytelling, long a West Coast favorite evening of true stories of sexual adventure. Be warned: tickets are selling fast for this event.

The second is on Monday, October 29th, in a new workshop on real-life etiquette and protocol, which I’m presenting with my friend and fellow kinkster, Midori. Midori and I collaborate on an intensive weekend event we call Passionate Bonds, designed for people who enjoy authentic power dynamics and D/s, who want to consciously create quality relationships that suit their personal hungers and needs in the context of the real world. Think of this one-night workshop as Passionate Bonds Light, designed to offer practical parameters of creating effective protocol for your M/s and D/s relationships that seamlessly mesh into real life and all levels of different formalities. Just as we do in our more intensive weekend, we’ll be offering practical tips and exercises included in this one-of-a-kind new workshop.

In November, I’ll be back on the road, visiting Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Asbury Park. Check out my calendar for details. Oh, and keep your eyes out for the release of 50 Writers on 50 Shades of Grey - it’s coming in November, and my parody of the notorious trilogy will be included!


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